Week In Review + A Winner!

•  06.June.2014

Wow…I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Monday was…well, kinda yesterday it feels like. It has been a pretty eventful week around here. Adam and I spent last weekend and much of this week purging practically EVERYTHING we own (which for us is somewhat of a miracle!). I tend to lean very much in the direction of “serial hoarder” and up until 2 months ago, getting rid of random things like dingy childhood mementos, unused rice cookers, 50+ clear glass mason jars, and that one t-shirt that I wore that one time ten years ago was just : OUT OF THE QUESTION. Why?? I’m not really sure, although I’ve done a lot of analyzing of my quirks lately, and I think one of the reasons I had trouble getting rid of all those things is because they reminded me of who I WAS.

If I’ve learned anything in the past few years it’s that people are ever evolving. We are ALWAYS changing, and that can be a really great thing. I think with my career change, and moving, and new friends, and a new house, and a whole plethora of other “new” things over the past few years, my stuff made me feel grounded, recognizable even. Although in the end it just really made me feel nothing but weighed down.

After a multitude of experiences in Europe (most recently with my friend Ann in Paris), I’ve just come to realize that at the end of the day, stuff is just stuff and less REALLY IS more (Europeans do the tiny space living SO SO well AND with so much intention!). We made a commitment that with this new house we wouldn’t be controlled by our stuff. That negative space is a wonderful thing and that if something wasn’t getting used at least a couple of times within the last few months it just had to go. And it did. A LOT of it. Truckloads donated, boxes and boxes rounded up for a pop-up shop later on down the road, and a few items held onto as they will make their way to Craigslist this weekend. It has felt SO SO good this week to live without the excess and really access what’s most important for us to hold onto and what isn’t.

A few other things that have been on my mind this week :

1. On a serious hunt for one of these original Beni Ourain stunners for our living room. The search is almost as addicting as the style itself. Wishing I could hop on a plan to Morocco next week to meet my friend Camille and purchase one of these beauties. Will just have to admire from afar for now…ahhhh.

2. When will the madness stop??! After learning of the shooting at SPU yesterday here in Seattle, I was dumbfounded and heartbroken to hear of another shooting on our home turf and too close to home for comfort (I was sophomore in high school in Colorado when Columbine happened). It’s impossible to pinpoint the root of the cause to one single thing, but I think massively lacking gun control laws and the horrific absence of adequate and accessible mental health support in this country is a good place to start. I’m sickened by how many times this has to keep happening before something changes. When will enough be enough for our nation to get a clue?

3. Oh my gosh. This heartfelt, intimate and beautiful tribute by my dear friend Lisa for her Mom made me sob uncontrollably this week. My heart goes out to all those I know who are struggling with the loss or illness of a parent or family member right now. Life is so precious and it’s posts like Lisa’s that remind me to stop and cherish every moment, hug, and expression of love I’m blessed with.

4. Taking on some new styling projects with these fun folks and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of their team! Freelancing can be a really lonely place sometimes, so it is so great to know I’ll be spending a whole lot more day-to-day time with people who greatly inspire me in the coming months.

5. After spending the last couple of weeks coming up with creative ways to save space in our new house that has all but ONE closet in it, I loved this simple and effective DIY for storing dirties.

6. Some people out there are just so dang creative. Every time I’ve seen a new “face the foliage” instagram by sweet Justina Blakeney this week I’m just tickled. So so brilliant!

7. Did you happen to see this exciting new line?!? Hygge & West + Rifle Paper Co?! Match made in wallpaper heaven! Can’t wait to use at least one of these pretty wallpapers around our house!

8. Got a new haircut and a fresh color from Kaitlin this week. It’s amazing how much your attitude and mood can change from a simple blowout and a root touch up! Seriously, if you live in the Seattle area you should definitely look her up – she made me feel like a million bucks!

9. I’ve gotta get outdoors more often. We keep talking about spending sometime camping this summer in the pretty PNW especially after our fun BBQ on the beach with friends (photo above) and after finding our tent in a heap of mess while purging this week.

10. And….drumroll please! The winner of last week’s BHLDN giveaway is Ellen Oliver Mote! Congrats Ellen! We hope you enjoy all the goodies and we are so excited you will be using them for an upcoming bridal shower this summer.

Happy Weekend Friends!




Jenn, thank you so much! A happy Friday indeed. WOW! Thank you!

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Congratulations on your summer cleaning! It always feel so good to shed the unnecessary. I thought I’d have such an easy time moving back from Paris to New York because I did have such a small apartment and consciously did not accumulate much of anything, but it was still a challenge! Lots to donate and give away. But maybe that’s because we hardly ever really need stuff.

Also, #2. Sigh.

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Ooh, Does H2 need a licensed architect on staff?! THey look awesome and I just might be in the mood for a new gig here pretty soon :) Also, I hope I stumble upon some of your stuff at the goodwill ;)

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