When I received the initial email I couldn’t respond fast enough. After nearly 8 months of non-stop diaper changing, nap scheduling and laundry washing (who knew babies wear like 10 outfits a day?!) this mama didn’t have to waiver for even a second on an invite to a fancy summer dinner in a winery. And when I saw that the dinner was also a collective collaboration between Sur La Table, Fortessa and DeLille Cellars I was all the more eager to attend.

For those of you who live in Washington, DeLille Cellars is just a quick drive outside Seattle in Woodinville and is just so peaceful with some of the oldest vineyards in the state. They specialize in french styles of Bordeaux, Provence and the Rhone Valley and I was SO eager to try their wines (a quick note : their 2013 D2 is FANTASTIC – I mean, best red wine I’ve had in a really longtime).

Ever since I visited Provence about 7 years ago, I’ve had this fixation with wine varieties and have always wondered how wines are perfectly paired with dishes (I learned a simple trick : take a bite of your food and then take a sip of wine. If you can still taste the flavors of the dish without the wine overpowering it, you’ve got a good match!). I have a dream of becoming a sommelier someday (in my extra spare time of course, ha!) so visiting DeLille on a perfect summer evening was such a treat.

When I arrived that evening at the vineyard, I was blown away by the beauty and simplicity of the table. As a prop stylist I always find myself gravitating towards the details of an event on immediate arrival, and the stemware and plating were just so striking. I’ve had a long adoration for Sur La Table (I source from there for pretty much every last photoshoot) and have a soft spot in my heart for them since they started right here in Seattle. Fortessa’s new Schott Zwiesel Air Collection available exclusively at Sur La Table instantly captivated my attention – each glass was just so gorgeous and sparkly!

Over the course of the evening, we were told about the wonderful quality of the Air and Air Sense stemware – durable, chip & scratch resistant and also dishwasher safe (which seriously blew my mind with how seemingly delicate and light they are!). I am absolutely OBSESSED with the 1872 Air Sense glass which is handmade and hand blown with a stunning decantation sphere right in the center of the glass that helps to aerate the wine. The innovative design (one I’ve never seen anything like!) allows for additional air to enter the glass which brings out all the complex flavors of the wine it holds.

Alongside the stemware, the table was decked out with Fortessa’s beautiful collection of tableware. I had no idea that Fortessa supplies and develops over 70% of the four and five-star hotels tableware in North America and after seeing their gorgeous collection it makes sense! The menu that evening was beyond tasty and the tableware highlighted the complexity of the colorful menu all the more. That salad…OH heavens. It might have just been the most vibrant and pretty dish I’ve ever consumed!

Overall the evening was the perfect ode to summer, and I absolutely loved getting to know all the amazing folks behind the scenes who made this collaboration happen. I cannot wait to incorporate some of the Air Collection into my upcoming shoots and some fall dinner parties I have in the works.



This post was sponsored and created in collaboration with Sur La Table and Fortessa. All opinions are 100% my own and I appreciate you supporting the brands who support this blog.