As our beach time in Italy & Greece comes to an end, I couldn’t help but wish that we could stay forever and just be lifetime beach bums. With my Seattle pasty white skin finally having a glistening “tanlike” glow to it, I wish I had a few more days to lay on the sand and relish in the gorgeous ocean views. The water in Greece was honestly like nothing I had ever seen before! The water was crystal clear and such a welcome alternative to rainy Seattle. Wouldn’t it be nice is vacations could last forever?

photo cred : hat {topshop} swimsuit {anthropologie} sandal {madewell}




Your blog is so cute!!! And I especially love this look! Just wish I could pass of the high-waisted bikini though:)

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hi brittany! thank you so so much for your kind comments! so fun to have you follow along. definitely more style posts to come! :)