It’s that time of year again! ALT Summit is here! I’m in Salt Lake City this week and am so excited for the first day of sessions to begin. I have no doubt that my brain will be filled to the brim with new & valuable blogging knowledge over the next 4 days, but before then I thought I’d do a little “inventory” of all the things I’ve learned before I got to ALT this year…

1. Attempting to travel standby during Sundance in SLC is the worst idea ever!

2. DIA never redeems itself. Their WiFi is the worst. Don’t plan on getting any work done at that airport. None.

3. Wearing new shoes while attempting to carry 30 lbs worth of air mattress isn’t a good combo. Ouch.

4. Snow & The Rocky Mountains = happiness. Just the sight of them makes me all nostalgic and miss winters with my family.

5. 3:30am is too early to leave for the airport. It just is.

6. Frontier Airlines can be a lifesaver for last minute bookings.

7. Never knew I could depend so greatly on a hash tag for all the answers. #altsummit.

8. The friends you make and meet at ALT Summit can change your life. As this gal, this gal and this gal are prime examples.

9. Bloggers are some of the most kick-ass people in the world. I love getting online and seeing everyone already enjoying SLC.

10. I don’t own enough fun jewelry/accessories.

11. It is very possible to grow up in Colorado, yet forget how cold winter really is. Brrrrrr!

12. Inspiration can exist far before ever stepping foot into a conference.

13. Women have kind hearts. You can depend on them to be there for you when you’re in a tough spot. Thank you to my roommates for allowing me to crash with you when I didn’t have a place to stay.

14. Packing takes longer for ALT Summit than any other possible trip known to man (in this case “woman” and lots of them!).

15. It is possible to plan ahead and be intentional with your goals at ALT. Unfortunately I’m never really good at this part. What time is that session on hiring help again?

I’m so excited to be attending another year of this amazing blogging summit and can’t wait for all the parties and festivities to begin. If you’re attending ALT I’d love to meet you! Tweet me at @jelliottblake and let’s set a plan to meet up during a break!




It seems nowadays one can never own enough groovy jewelry. You try and try, but then the girl next to you shows up with the cutest blingy bracelet…

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RIGHT?!?! Can’t keep up :)