Thanksgiving at Home.

•  27.November.2012

A little over a week back I shared my inspirations for my Thanksgiving holiday tabletop over in this post. I wanted to challenge myself in incorporating a patterned tablecloth (I rarely use table linens and almost never patterned ones at that) so when my tabletop design was done in the wee early hours of Thanksgiving morning I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the table. I incorporated many of the details from my original inspiration board (the plates, gold flatware, mini gourds & pumpkins, tapered candles & additional gold accents) but omitted a few deciding to instead add in more texture and color by incorporating some vintage character with the glassware and changing out the napkin color.

I also (for the first time EVER) incorporated full arrangements on a tabletop that were of my own making. I’ve minimally dabbled in floral design over the past couple years, but wanted to push myself to also create the design with floral in mind. I incorporated beautiful cabbage from a quick jaunt to Pike Place Market with my parents, and a multitude of sprigs and sweet wild flower touches from our yard. I even used some of the very last berries from the blueberry bush in our front yard.

Our Thanksgiving turned out to be such a joyous celebration and more than I could have ever hoped for. It was so much having both sets of our parents here with us in Seattle, and I couldn’t have asked for the four days to go any better. Everyone was over the moon about the food and the final touch of personal pies in each person’s favorite pie flavor after dinner (thank you to my friends over at A La Mode Pies  for being so accommodating!) was a HUGE hit.




Jenn, this is AMAZING. Beautiful job! Glad to hear it went so well!! xo

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This looks beautiful!!! Well done. I don’t normally like patterned tablecloths either, but it works great here. And those flower arrangements are absolutely perfect.

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