Simple Evening Setup.

•  13.June.2013

When I first saw the setup video¬†for the Clyde Oak Simple Evening I couldn’t help but smile. I’ve never been involved in a timelapse video that included my own styling work before, so watching it play out made me really realize how much considerable work and time goes into these sorts of events, and was such a joyous reminder of why I love what I do. There were so many hours of brainstorming, sourcing, & prepping before the table was even set, but all of this always includes laughter, great conversation and overall good times with some really amazing folks (more to come on them soon!).

It was so neat seeing all of the amazing people who played a role in creating our evening in one video together – loved this team to pieces!!

To see additional photos of our setup and the time-lapse video head over to The Fresh Exchange!

photography credit : mike gilger.



Love it! Fantastic work. :)

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So simple, so beautiful. You feel right at home just looking at it.

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Beautiful! Absolutely love this… definitely a type of event I would like to both set up as well as attend. :) The tree stools are my favorite!

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