Shop This Shop : Australia.

•  11.January.2013

While Adam and I were in Australia this past December I got the chance to attend The Big Design Market in Melbourne. I was worried the market might end up being lame or not worth the effort but the second we walked in the air conditioned door I was immediately excited. There were so many talented artists at the market and I probably could have bought something from every last booth! I also loved how they made the market for everyone…a beer stand, coloring center for the kiddos and an art installation hanging overhead. It was the perfect break from the heat that afternoon. A few instragram shots from our time at the market here, here and here.

I wanted to share some of my favorite shops from the show :

A THOUGHTFUL SPOT - some of the prettiest handcrafted bags I’ve seen in sometime. I loved this one most.

BENEATH THE SUN - one of the cutest shops at the show! Their pillows and wood objects are too adorable for words.

ABLE AND GAME - some of the wittiest cards I’ve ever come across.

MONO - handmade objects, including these really funky and fun perfume bottles.

WRITE TO ME - loved their brand name and the tiny vintage illustrations on their stationary.

STAMPEL - sustainable and brightly colored accessories and homewares. I thought these would be a great housewarming gift.

EMERALD GREEN SUBMARINE - handmade jewelry in bold and bright colors.

THE SUPER COOL - was obsessed with these geometric hand-painted wood magnets.

AND O DESIGN - ceramic jewelry inspired by australia and japan.

EMILY GREEN - her bright watercolors and ceramics would be the perfect way to cheer up a friend.

HELLO POLLY - easily could have taken home one of everything from this curated shop. Loved their prints, especially this blueberry one.

NAOMI MURRELL - I want this bracelet REAL bad.

THAT & SO - the type on this bag made it a MUST have.

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Happy Weekend friends!