Prep for Clyde Oak.

•  07.June.2013

One of the most time-consuming parts of design and styling for any lifestyle shoot or event has to be the prep work. And although it can zap a whole lot of your energy before you ever even create your first image, it’s the part that can actually be really fun and often offers moments of quiet meditation.

With much of my styling work I tend to gravitate towards and attempt to incorporate custom details into each design that are reflective of the client or particular project I’m working on. For this Simple Evening with Clyde Oak, it was important to showcase the organic beauty of the farm and soil, so we had decided to forgo traditional floral centerpieces, instead opting for vibrant living plants and herbs after visiting a local nursery in Raleigh (see details of that trip in a post earlier this week).

Although this particular afternoon was quite windy, I can’t even begin to tell you how peaceful it was to assemble these little green beauties solo on Corey’s back porch in the vintage glass I had trekked from Seattle. With Adele playing out of my iPhone, and the wind bustling about, I spent an hour or so assembling the centerpieces, the dirt embedding itself under my nails and the sweet smells of herbs and hopeful vegetable plants enlightening the afternoon.

In the midst of me prepping the living details that day, Mike and Megan took some time to handwrite (I know!! AMAZING right?!) Clyde Oak’s motto and the dinner menu onto custom cut steel plates that were to be placed at each place setting the next night. Corey had custom cut the steel plates (by the way those things were SUPER heavy!) after I encouraged our team to create a menu using materials that would be reflective of the hard, raw work and life on the farm. I was overjoyed by the beauty that each steel plate provided at each setting, and Megan and Mike’s talents in transferring their typographic vision to life on the steel was astounding!

To see additional pictures of our moments of prep, be sure to check out The Fresh Exchange today, and I hope you enjoy this sweet little video that Mike so graciously put together. Stay tuned for all the tabletop prettiness to come as I’ll be sharing photos and details of the dinner itself. Thanks to Mike and Megan for sending over these images for me to share!

Happy Weekend Friends!




We can feel the wind on the video! lovely!

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Really enjoy seeing your process. Keep these great posts coming!

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