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•  13.June.2014

Wow…it has been one eventful week around here. My sister and sweet nephew were in town visiting from Colorado, so I took the week off to relish in the beauty of spending some much needed time with them. It was so much fun to show them our new house and for my nephew to really experience all the whimsy of Seattle (the last time he was here he was only 6 months old!). Flowers and fish throwing at Pike Place Market, swing sets at Carkeek Park, molten chocolate cake from Hot Cakes, a water taxi and pork sliders in West Seattle, sea shell picking on Alki, an evening bonfire and s’mores on the beach…we packed it in!

We also had a not so fun and seriously terrifying attack happen on Tuesday that left us all really shaken up – we came home from a walk from the grilled cheese and fried mac & cheese food truck down the street to a crazed man with a knife in our yard threatening our lives. Luckily no one was hurt and our neighbors were complete angels getting my sister and nephew quickly to safety as we waited for the police to arrive. I was so so proud of Adam for being such a valiant protector of us and am thanking my lucky stars that he wasn’t injured after being threatened so intensely. It’s frightening incidents like this that really make you realize how precious and delicate life is, and how valuable it is to have a close community with whom you trust. I was mostly angry that the incident happened while my pregnant sister and Emryk were here, making us all feel so violated and scared, but thankfully it didn’t dampen the joy of our time together too too much. Adam is spending the weekend putting up a fence on our side yard to hopefully prevent something like this from happening again in the future. Cross your fingers for us that this guy remains in jail for a long while.

After one crazy week, I’m so excited to be sharing the news that I will be hosting a pop-up shop alongside my dear friend Cassandra LaValle at her amazing studio at 95 Yesler next weekend. Yep! All kinds of vintage goods, home decor pieces, props and furniture to boot! The pop-up will be from 10am-4pm on Saturday June 21st at the studio in Pioneer Square. My last pop-up sale was so much fun and I hope to see many of you there once again. If you’re local or plan to be in Seattle next Saturday would would love to see you!

Happy Weekend ya’ll!


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