Pic Me A Palette : Bad Hair Day.

•  15.March.2013

I’m having one of those weeks when my hair just isn’t cooperating. Up, down, straight, curly, it just doesn’t wanna do what I want it to. We all have those days no doubt. You do everything in your power to work it out, but you fight with all your might and it’s still just there. Ill inspiring and annoying as hell.

On these sorts of days, I usually opt for a fun hat or a no fail braid. I love braids because they look like you at least tried. You didn’t totally give up, but worked with what ya had that day. Braids are also great cause hair can be dirty, or just out of the shower clean – plus there are so many fun options! A crown, french, loose…any way is the right way. They are the perfect combo for a day of travel too, plus they always make me feel all nostalgic and take me back to those summer days as a freckled, play in the dirt soccer kid.

I’ve been really inspired lately by Alison Brislin¬†and have been trying to channel her braid power on those days when I’m having that bad hair day. Her work is SO SO gorgeous. I’m loving her hair tutorials over here. Happy braiding friends!

photography credit : {adam blake via vscocam during a day in Melbourne}


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I’m a big fan of braids. Sometimes my hair randomly goes SUPER static and braiding it is the only way to avoid looking like a lion!!

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