•  20.August.2014

Without an official announcement, I took a break from the blog for a few weeks to focus on summer and some exciting new (and very time-consuming) styling projects. As a solopreneuer it can become quite daunting to manage all of the various sides of running a business when you are a one woman show, and sometimes certain things have to take priority over others. When you are sleeping only a few hours a night and running on fumes, you ask yourself  ”okay Jenn, what must give”? And as much as I hate this here blog having to be the thing that shuffles to the back burner from time to time, warm weather/lots of travel opportunity/catch up with friends/exciting new work and some much-needed rest sometimes makes a break from bloggin’ imperative. I’m just simply considering this little moment of silence like a summer sitcom hiatus…everyone is busy in the summer so shows refrain from sharing new episodes, but they rev right back up mid to late August – so here I am – back with all new content…yay!

For today, I thought I’d just share a quick rundown on what I’ve been up to lately. Instagram has become such an amazing way to share the moment by moment happenings of life and my business, so if you aren’t following me there yet, be sure to check it out – AND please, please say hello! I’m always looking for fun new people to meet and follow!

Lately :

1. Farmer’s market visits EVERY Sunday morning. Organic produce is my religion.

2. New nephew snuggles in Colorado. Don’t babies just smell divine?!

3. A huge fall styling project for Starbucks/Teavana…more on that to come soon!

4. Prep, packing and last-minute detail finalizing for next week’s Italy wedding clients. Wishing my suitcase was a bit larger right about now! Lucca, Italy here I come!

5. Breakfast/lunch/happy hour/dinner dates with friends. Cause summer really is the best time to play “hey how’s life going for ya?” with your favorite people.

6. RyanAir flight booking between Morocco and England. Nearly one month abroad officially kicks off this Sunday!

7. Bought a new vintage rug for the kitchen from my friends at Homestead Seattle.

8. Talks about potential new book styling gigs next year.

9. Doggie popiscles (aka ice chips) all day everyday for B-Bug. 80′s nearly everyday this summer here in Seattle! Say what?!

10. Lists and lists of house remodel “to do’s” and none of it done. Hey, that’s what crappy winter weather is for, right?

11. Homemade turkey and mushroom stroganoff with sweet peas for dinner last night. Was craving comfort food.

12. Inspiring and life altering coffee dates with Jenny, Lisa and Rina over the past few weeks.

13. A new pair of comfy (might as well be pajama pants) from here.

14. Long mind-centering walks through our neighborhood.

15. A painful sunburn and an even more painful bee sting. Ouch!

16. Multiple summer celebrations of baby. Currently have 6 Seattle friends who are pregnant right now, certainly not including folks from back home or family too! I’m officially classifying 2014 as the year of baby.

17. Burgers and fries date with my parents in Denver. This place is our happy place.

18. Flower arranging nearly everyday.

19. Newfound cocktail spot in our hood. Their fresh basil gimlet is SO tasty!

20. A much-needed San Diego beach day with my sis-in-law.


More updates and pictures of some recent styling work to come later this week! Thanks for hanging with me during my summer break friends. More soon!