It’s Friday. Phew!

•  21.March.2014

This week has been so weird. I feel like it dragged on forever but also flew by faster than I could say “Spring is here! Woo-whooooo!” Our week started off pretty hectic. Our POD storage unit never made its way to our driveway this past weekend. That’s a long story for another day, but seriously think twice before you book with PODS. They don’t include all of the pertinent information for driveway delivery in their contracts, so the delivery driver called 15 minutes before the END of their delivery window to tell us he wasn’t coming because our driveway was too small even though Adam followed the specifications he was told during the delivery confirmation call. We had family in town to help us move in which made it all the more disappointing. Let’s just say, last Saturday wasn’t our best day.

We finally got the POD delivered Monday (and surprise! to our driveway no less!). We frantically moved in after Adam took another vacation day to deal with “house stuff”. We found out on Tuesday our water heater still wasn’t working after a few attempted fixes (day 11 without hot water) and went into a bit of panic mode about one more thing gone wrong with this old house. It has been a lot of panic/breath/regroup moments this week, but we are finding a way to get through it, together. I’m pretty sure that anything that’s financially damaging is just cause for anxiety. When I chipped the top of our new stove yesterday and the tile guy left a sloppy mess-of-a-job & we had to fire him I reached a bit of a breaking point last night, but again, all problems we truly are blessed and fortunate to be dealing with, really. Life could be so much worse.

So after what feels like another exhausting (when will this transition to homeownership be over?) week, I spent some time last night trying to focus on what IS going well. It’s really easy sometimes to focus on all the things that are going really crappy when life hands you sour lemons. Thankfully I have so many things to be grateful for in this life of ours even during these times of immense stress, so I encouraged Adam and I to take some time last night during dinner to think about all the things that went WELL in our day. When we would get off track and say “well this went well, BUT…” I’d make us stop and say “NO. Just things that went well”. You’d be amazed how hard it is sometimes to focus on the good things in life when you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed that just about anything makes you want to lie on the floor and sob.

A few things that are went well for us this week (thankfully there ARE many!) :

1. Spring is here! And it has been super sunny in Seattle. This is HUGE. Ask anybody who survived our dark and ugly winter.

2. Our plumbing is all replaced and the hot water heater is FINALLY working. Hallelujah! AND we didn’t even have to replace the whole thing. Thank heavens!

3. Bailie Bug’s foot is healing. Last week I noticed a really swollen area between the webs on her right foot and after a frantic vet visit, I worried that this was the beginning of the end for our old (almost 10 years old!) lady. Luckily with twice daily foot soaks and some antibiotics it seems to be healing. Phew!

4. We got showers! I’m not going to admit how long we went without them, but after our daily hopes for running hot water and a schedule that wouldn’t seem to quit, we just kind of didn’t have time to take them. Thank gosh for a gym membership. Although, I did feel a little guilty for not actually hopping on the treadmill while we were there last night at midnight. Maybe next week…

5. We have our own bed! And our sofa back. No more sore bones and bums from sleeping on the floor. Yay!

6. I talked to one of my closest childhood friend’s for the first time in months. It’s her birthday today and we’ve been friends since the ripe old age of 9 – lots of history between us. I miss her a lot and it felt amazing to hear her voice. Happy Birthday Bree! I love you!

7. I realized I’m leaving for Paris in less than 2 weeks (holy cow! Where did March go?!) and was able to renew my passport yesterday without too much trouble. After one horrifyingly nasty passport photo taken at Walgreens, I had Adam take a second one at home and it’s not awful. Bonus!

Also some things around the web that brought a smile to my face this week :

1. This video. Talk about a tear-jerker! What a beautiful way to capture a life.

2. How perfect is this tart for spring?! Almost too pretty to eat!

3. Excited for an upcoming collaboration that includes this lovely outdoor entertaining collection.

4. Just about lost my stylist mind when I saw that these folks would be collaborating with these folks this spring. Holding off on picking out wallpaper for the breakfast nook until I see what’s a’coming! SO excited!

5. New website that promises to help couples find fresh date ideas in their city, including some freebies. You don’t have to ask me twice! Hot Cakes brunch here we come.

6. Excited for this gal and her new biz & branding. So pretty and perfectly minimal. Love it!

7. As if I need one more set of flatware to pine over.

8. Eyeing this faucet for our new apron sink in the kitchen. A little boring, but it has a pull out sprayer for Adam and it doesn’t break the bank. I’ll take it!

9. Okay, clearly not smiling about the baby snatching part or the fact that this guy needed some serious mental health support (don’t even get me started on that topic & how this country lacks adequate funding), but relieved this baby got returned to her family. Crazy these sorts of things actually happen in the world!

10. Ummmm…I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything this perfect mama can’t do. This collaborative children’s line with Lauren Moffatt has me wishing I already had my own little gal to dress up for fall.

Happy Weekend friends! I hope you have a chance to enjoy a bit of springtime sunshine no matter where you are! Adam will be outta town with guy pals this weekend, so I’ll have the house all to myself. Scared and excited all at once if ya know what I mean. I’ll be back next week with a fun shoot from Palm Springs and a HGTV shoot I had the chance to collaboration on with some amazing women. Happy Spring!


- painting by my dear friend jenny vorwaller. now that girl ALWAYS brings a smile to my face!





Haha! I love the bit about showering at midnight at the gym. that is perfect!

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Yes, I can’t believe Spring is finally here!

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