It Happened.

•  28.January.2013

Yep. There’s no denying it. The time is here. My sister told me many months ago that it was happening but I refused to look – refused to admit that another year past meant another year towards the inevitable.

It’s true. I found my first grey hair late last week and I wasn’t the least bit happy about it. I stood there, staring in the mirror, telling myself that “oh it’s gotta be the lighting – a blond strand just “looking” grey ┬áright??! Nope. Grey it was. And I pulled it – yanked it rather. Telling it who was boss and telling it never to return (yeah, I know – probably 3 more to come in its spot), but as far as I was concerned for that teeny moment I could look back at my reflection and tell myself that 30 couldn’t possibly be right around the corner.

In less than three months I enter a new decade. And for the past 10 months I’ve pretended like it wasn’t happening minus this little post right here. When I went back to take a look at my 30 by 30 list I couldn’t help but feel a little sheepish. Only 13/30 completed. Whoops. My nursing instructors would have considered that a BIG FAT “F”. But in the attempt to stand true to #25, I’m giving myself a break and pushing forward with getting as many things checked off my list before April 21st turns up.

Do you have happen to have a _______ by _______ list going? Are you continually checking things off your list? Have you checked back on the list in awhile?? I think I’m gonna shoot for getting 10 more done by April, as some of the items on the list already resemble a “what was I thinking?!?!” sort of feeling.

1 Take a ferry boat ride to Victoria with my Mom.

2 Read a book. Actually finish it.

3 Reach out to someone whom I’m scared to.

4 Get a new tattoo.

5 Take French language refresher course.

6 Visit a southern state. I’ve never been to any of them!

7 Refurbish/Renovate a vintage piece all on my own.

8 Call/skype with my family more.

9 Incorporate more floral design into what I do.

10 Have an exercise routine and stick with it.

11 Drink more water. If you know me this is a big goal.

12 Hug my dog everyday.

13 Hug my husband twice a day (at least!).

14 Dance daily.

15 Spend more time with friends.

16 Relish in the beauty of a home cooked meal and make them more often.

17 Print, frame & hang travel pictures from the past 3 yrs.

18 Stop or be less afraid of the unknowns.

19 Take more spontaneous trips with Adam.

20 Smile even when I’m sad.

21 Spend at least a week in the city of lights.

22 Go to at least 3 concerts.

23 Find a work/life balance.

24 See Australia.

25 Give more self love.

26 Learn how to knit a hat.

27 Take a scouting trip out of state.

28 Make Sunday morning breakfast a tradition.

29 Take more pictures that don’t include the use of my iPhone.

30 Shop organic.

Side note : I took this image as we strolled through the Fitzroy area of Melbourne, Australia this past December. It was so inspiring to imagine all of the exciting things that had happened to that wall over the years. Each layer of paint signifying another transition – inevitable change. Another year past; another year gone by. Maybe I should look at turning 30 a bit more like I look at this wall. With awe and bewilderment of the experiences, wisdom and beauty that comes with aging.




The “experiences, wisdom, and beauty” that comes with aging? I’ll agree. Felt wiser at 30. But beauty, I don’t know. 30 saw the entrance of gray hair and random chin hairs *what is that?!?!* into my life. Could have done without that beauty!

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Cross off #19! (And then pack me in your Mexico-bound suitcase.)

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I’m turning 30 next month… time is seriously flying. I feel like I was just 24! But apparently not. Happy birthday to you!


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I think I need to make a 30 by 30.. and cross of moving someplace I have never even visited- Seattle in one month! Woo!

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HI! I was so fab seeing you at ALT! I can help you learn to knit a hat!

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You’ve inspired me to make a list for my impending 3-0 next fall!


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