Summer feels like it might actually have made its way to Seattle early!! No, honestly – us Seattleites usually remark about how our summer doesn’t officially start until July 4, but with the beautiful weather we are having, I can’t help but feel like this good weather luck already resembles one of my favorite times of the year in this wonderful city!

I introduced the new series Fortunate Feast back in March with our first spring series and we are back at it again for our summer tabletop. Seth sent along the final menu this weekend and I’m telling you – it’s GOOD. I’ve been sourcing and finding design inspiration for the tabletop portion of our collaboration for the past couple weeks and it’s always such an exciting moment to see the food and props come together in that one monumental moment. Being a part of this exciting collaboration with Monica and Seth has been such a blessing and I’m all too excited to see how our summer series turns out! I’m heading out this morning for some final floral touches and then we will begin shooting this afternoon – hopefully the weather stays on our side!

For now, I figured I’d share a bit of the inspiration that went into this season’s tabletop and get you excited for the summer inspired recipes coming right around the corner – stay tuned!

runner | salad plate | candles | pot | flatware | glassware | dinner plate | napkin | chair | table







I want to live in this inspiration board :) ha.

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