Homestead Seattle.

•  10.January.2013

I found it only fitting to share the wedding of Michele and Ryan Tansey on the blog this week. This dynamic duo is the couple behind the brilliant and oh so enticing brand : Homestead Seattle. There hasn’t been a time when visiting Homestead’s site or etsy shop that I haven’t found (at least) 1 to 2 to 3 vintage pieces I’ve fallen head over heels for. This couple has such a keen eye for beautiful details, and their ability to scour Craigslist, eBay and local estate sales finding those oh-so -unique treasures is so so inspiring! Their finds are shared and shipped all over the country, and I was lucky enough to incorporate some of their amazing finds into this week’s shoot with Jasmine Star.

Their wedding in their lovely home here in Seattle, WA is hands down one of my favorites…EVER. Their wedding story is incredibly inspiring (and totally genius if you ask me!) as they invested the majority of their wedding budget into home improvements making their efforts and the expense of the day live on far past their wedding day. From the first moment I saw the images from their wedding day (here and here) or their home tour here I instantly knew I liked this couple. Their home is so beautifully curated and each image from their day reflects the love shared between them in the most heartfelt way. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to collaborate with this pair this week, and I hope you’ll stop over here to see what treasures they’ve found this week. Also be sure to follow them on here and here to keep up to date with their amazing work.

photo credit : {kristen marie}