Holiday Inspiration : The Tabletop.

•  14.November.2012

I don’t know about you guys but the holidays are inherently stressful for me. I have this overwhelming desire for them to be on the verge of perfect…always attempting to exceed the festivities of years past, and wanting each year to feel more special/intentional/well planned than the last. I know – I’m totally nuts. And what pressure right?!?

I’m doing my very best this year to just ease into the holiday season. Not sure that I’ve picked the best year to try this, as Adam and I are for the first time in 7 years of being together, hosting Thanksgiving at our place this year. Yes…OUR PLACE. My parents and Adam’s parents will both be flying into Seattle at the same time for the first time since we moved here over 5 years ago. Not gonna lie : I’m a little stressed about it. NOT because of who my parents or in-laws are (our parents actually get along with each other really well, and have already expressed actions of complete accommodation to however Adam and I choose to celebrate the holiday weekend) but rather stressed about the minimal physical space we have to share & host a formal holiday celebration.

I always assumed that we would never host a holiday in our own home until we had a large house. You know, one of those ones with a designated dining room and enough seating in the living room so everyone can gorge on turkey & pumpkin pie, and then lounge unmotivated for hours and hours, far after the meal is completed. Oh and a large enough kitchen where anyone who was willing to help could do so without bumping elbows over and over again with the family member next to them. I actually surprised myself two months back when despite not having all of these things in order yet, I found myself asking my parents to come to Seattle so we could host them. I think I’m finally realizing as I quickly approach that eye-popping year of 30, that things will never be exactly as I hope them to be, and what’s far more important is just spending time with the ones you love regardless of how perfect or adequate your physical space, financial situation or prep/lead time is.

In addition to this “letting the things I can’t control go” thing, I’m also attempting to design & style our holiday tabletop with things we already have around the house and doing it on a strict budget. And let me tell you – this one is tough for me. I am typically the first one to excitedly babble the endless ways we can make things “extra special” many of which usually include a hefty shopping list and days, even weeks of prep and organization. I also have to be a little more forgiving in my own design aspirations as we will be pulling a farm table from SCOUT’s inventory and placing it in our living room. Yep – you heard me – LIVING ROOM – so things will be pretty tight. Our current dining room (you know that place where one might typically have this sort of event) is currently housing my much-needed home office. And our breakfast nook right off the kitchen can hardly contain 2 individuals for a simple meal, let alone 6 people for the meal of the year.

So in an attempt to get the festivities rolling for this upcoming celebration of gratitude and turkey, I thought I’d share a little board of some of the things inspiring my own Thanksgiving tabletop for our first hosting gig at home. I’ve never been a huge fan of patterned table linens and wanted to challenge myself to create a design that incorporated a large pattern while also keeping the accents simple & clean. I also want to create a gourd and mini pumpkin “table runner” down the center of the table with beautiful classic tapers being the final touch + gold accent touches throughout the design.

What about you?? What are you finding most inspiring for this years holidays?? Do you ever feel like things have to be spot on for you and your family to enjoy the holidays? Where will you be celebrating this year?

photo cred : gold flatware {DVF} place cards {BHLDN} napkins {terrain} candles {williams-sonoma} gourds {botanical interests} glassware {anthropologie} tablecloth {anthropologie} stoneware {crate and barrel}





I really understand you… and I am not an stylist as you are! But I am also perfectionist and every time I receive at home want that everything looks perfect… Now we have a house with a nice gallery, and being Xmas in summer here, we have spent two Xmas’ Eve (Nochebuena) at home, in that area which is perfect.
I am sure your Thanksgiving dinner will be as nice as your Scout productions! :)

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Hi Vero! Thanks so much for sharing your own holiday experiences! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who wants the best possible outcome for their celebrations :) Happy holidays and thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment!


you got this Jenn! i’m sure it will be an amazing time and a very memorable holiday for everyone. i once hosted 4 other people for Thanksgiving in my 300 sq ft studio apartment with a kitchen that measured about 6×4. the oven was one of those apartment sized ones- just big enough for the turkey and nothing else. one of my guests opened my closet door expecting to find a bedroom and was shocked i would be crazy enough to host a big meal in such a tiny apartment. it was a bit crazy, but is one of my favorite holiday memories too! can’t wait to see photos of your table styling- i’m sure it will be beautiful!

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