Holiday Color Gift Guide : Red.

•  30.November.2012

I always get so giddy during this time of year! I love how the holiday spirit is palpable. How everyone prioritizes and focuses on spending time with the ones they love. I love the twinkling lights and the Christmas jingles; the holiday decor and how the air feels so fresh and brisk. I also LOVE sharing my favorite holiday gift ideas during this time of year! I’m back again, with some fresh color gift guides, and will be sharing a different color in each post leading up to the end of the holiday season. I hope these guides are helpful in your own gift giving this year. I’d also love to hear your favorite red gift to give if you’ve got one. Happy weekend friends!

gift cred : HIM 01. {bridge and burn} 02. {headphones} 03. {h&m} 04. {lacoste} 05. {cheap monday} 06. shoes {adidas} 07. backpack {herschel} HER 01. {creuset} 02. {madewell} 03. {kate spade new york} 04. {anthropologie} 05. {jcrew} 06. {joe kievitt}    07. {rag and bone}




I love the holidays too!! These are all great. I’d definitely go for that red Les Creuset :)

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hi aileen! isn’t le creuset the best?!?! on my last trip to paris they had this store where every color imaginable was on display and they had items i’d never before seen! it was magical and made me wish i could afford every last item from their collection. SUCH an amazing brand! so glad you liked the guide :) thanks for stopping by my blog!


Jenn, I’ve wanted those KSNY Pow! gloves for the longest time! I love that you included it in your gift guide (you know a gift guide is really good when it has stuff you’ve actually been oggling for yourself). P.S. I would add the Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife in red :) I’ve been a fan of mine since I got it when I was 14 from my sister. I take this thing everywhere. It almost got taken away from me by security when I was flying home for Christmas during college. I left the security checkpoint and begged a nice lady working at the airport to mail it to me, and she did! People are so kind, aren’t they?

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aren’t those gloves amazing! the second i saw them i knew they had to be in this years color guides! your recommendation of a swiss army knife is BRILLIANT! it’s so incredibly useful and is a great gift for both gals and guys alike! thanks for the suggestion! p.s. thank gosh for that nice TSA officer…phew!!

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