Hello Friday!

•  01.November.2013

What a week!! Six straight shooting days (on three different projects), with sourcing and planning all mixed in between – to say I’m fulfilled and feeling accomplished would be an understatement. Adam has been gone all week on a business trip which has allowed me to become all the more immersed in my work, and although I’ve missed him terribly, it felt so great to really put all of myself into my career this week. Looking forward to seeing what the next few months hold!

I’ll be sharing photos from Lisa and David’s stunning wedding in Cork, Ireland on the blog next week, but for now I’ll send you off into your weekend with a video from my buddy Geoff. Felt so blessed to be a part of this special and gorgeous Irish celebration!

Also, some things around the web that struck my fancy this week :

My dear friend Anna’s new food project and self discovering journey.

These insanely creative nap time creations.

The worst way to tell someone you’ve been keeping a BIG secret from them for three years.

Love how fun these chairs are.

Excited to be styling a table design for this fun local event with friends.

Looking forward to learning how to knit from this book.

Weddings as pretty as this one, make me want to plan mine all over again.

Excited about this brand opening a second shop in Portland, OR.

By the way, Adam and I have totally dropped the ball on planning our Thanksgiving vacation. We were planning on going to Thailand but seeing that it’s 3 weeks away and we have yet to research, book accommodations or get vaccinations, NOT so sure that’s gonna happen anymore. Thinking about Spain or Portugal instead. Anyone ever been?? Tips, advice or other suggested travel destinations certainly welcome!

Happy Weekend Friends!


photography credit : Katie Stoops | videography credit :Geoff Boothby







Gosh, that video is beautiful. Looks like an incredible day.

As for your trip, I vote Portugal! For a country that has so much to offer, it’s too often overlooked. Duoro Valley, Lisbon, Algarve. Take your pick ;) you won’t be disappointed.

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Come to Portugal! :) Our beautiful country, you’ll love it for sure. From north to south is full of interesting places to visit!

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[...] Boothby captured the most amazing film of the celebration (I shared his lovely work last Friday here) and I was honored to provide decor and wardrobe styling for the day of the event (seriously dream [...]