Friday Already?

•  04.January.2013

Where did this week go?! Monday seemed like just yesterday  - Adam and I contemplating the start to a new year and reflecting on that past 12 months gone by. Friday is already here, and with a week filled to the brim with work, new goals, and immense personal responsibilities, everyday that happened between now and the new year seems to have just vanished into thin air.

This month is already off to a blazing start with some fresh new projects and every weekend in January already filled up with work or travel – it’s not a bad problem to have. BUT with an intention to slow down and refocus at the beginning of 2013, I’m having to be all the more conscious of keeping my resolutions on the forefront of my mind. Isn’t that the hardest part about resolutions anyways?? Life gets in the way? I’m realizing time and time again that change is created as a direct result of prioritization. Saying that “this thing” is more important than “that thing” or “action” or “responsibility” and therefore I’m choosing to do “that” first – choosing to make “that” happen. But creating that change is really hard isn’t it? Especially when life doesn’t seem to slow down enough to allow us to consciously change our perspective or actions.

What about you?? Are those resolutions still on the brain or have they already been set aside as a means of dealing with what’s right in front of you? It’s all a work in progress isn’t it? Things don’t change overnight (wouldn’t it be SO much easier if they did?!) and change is REALLY REALLY hard. To break those previous patterns and find the courage to try something new, even if it’s scary. Because in the end we know that the solution of positive change far outweighs the benefits of what may be comfortable – it’s far easier to remain stagnant. Everyday is a struggle and I’m hoping by reminding each other of our goals for the coming year that we can keep working towards that change and progression.

I’ll be spending the weekend sourcing materials for an upcoming shoot next week (the above mood board is for that particular shoot – more to come on that soon!) and I’m hopeful that even in the midst of work, work & more work, I can take a few moments to remind myself of those things I wanted so desperately to set as a priority this year : intention, simplicity and joy.

Happy weekend friends! Oh and some pictures from our trip to Australia coming up next week on the blog – yay!

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I can understand exactly how you’re feeling coz I can bet that almost everyone else is feeling the same too. However that’s the beauty of making new year resolutions, life tests you hard so as to know how much you really wanna stay true to those resolutions. Stay strong and while it’s important to prioritize, don’t lose the sight of the bigger picture and act accordingly.

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