I’ve been looking forward to sharing today’s DIY ever since I excitedly arrived at my local bead store to pick out all the pretty colors for this fun and easy summer entertaining idea. When we initially started planning the summer menu and tabletop for this season’s Fortunate Feast, I knew I wanted the colors to be bright and bold with also a bit of a whimsical twist. I loved the idea of a handmade detail amongst all the colors and vintage details and these DIY cocktail stir stick came to mind instantly.

My favorite part about these little cocktail accessories is that they only have four parts! AND the assembly is fast and relatively easy too! You could even have your closest girlfriends or those early to arrive guests assemble these on their own as a fun project before your dinner party! A great way to remind your guests who’s drink is who’s!

What you’ll need :

1. Short wooden dowels (I found mine here and chose the 6 inch dowels although the height depends on what type of glass you choose for your cocktails – taller the glass, taller the dowel should be).

2. Thin copper jewelry wiring (width should be small enough to fit through desired beads but also sturdy yet pliable enough to wrap around dowel).

3. Scissors (to cut copper wire to desired length).

4. Beads (choose a variety of colors, shapes and sizes – the more eclectic, the more fun! I found mine here).

As I mentioned above, assembling these little cuties is really easy and would be great fun for guests to do on their own before their cocktail is mixed!

Step 1 : Cut copper wiring to desired length. You want to have plenty of excess wiring to wrap the top and bottom of the area of beads to keep them secure. I chose to cut the wire about 12 inches in length.

Step 2 : About 2 inches down from the top of one end of the dowel, wrap the copper wiring tightly around the dowel three to four times, securing the wiring by initially tucking the end under the first wrap.

Step 3 : Once the wire is secure to the dowel begin stringing on 10 beads (quantity of beads depends on size of beads) in order of your choosing. I really liked making the bead arrangement varied in shape & size, but kept like colors next to one another for a bit of consistency.

Step 4 : Once you have strung all beads, twist string of beads around dowel to create a swirled effect.

Step 5 : Tie off strand of beads by wrapping remaining copper wire around top of dowel. Make sure you do this about a quarter inch from the top of dowel so strand of beads does not slide off or come loose.

Step 7 : Adjust the closeness and swirl of the beads as desired. Once assembled I pushed together the two copper ends to create a tighter swirl.

These cocktail stirrers are perfect for any summer cocktail (margarita?! mojito?!) or Seth’s gorgeous sangria recipe you can find a few posts back here! Hope you enjoyed this summer inspired DIY!

FF Collective : {photography : Monica Hines | food and recipe development : Seth Hines | styling and art direction : Jenn Elliott Blake | custom graphics & titles : Amy Moore




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