Today I’m sharing the FIRST COURSE from our Fortunate Feast SPRING series. I knew from the moment I initiated this food series that there might very well end up being a few dishes/food groups that I could shy away from. I wouldn’t consider myself a picky eater (per say), but I’m certainly not an adventurous one at that! So, when I first received the spring menu from Seth, I immediately thought “oh nooo! raw fish – no way!”, but upon committing to the shoot as a team, I also committed to myself that I would try anything and everything that chef Seth whipped up for our collaboration. It’s actually one of the reasons I was so determined to start this collaboration – to learn new ways to incorporate foods in my life that are local, whole and unlike anything I would typically try in my own kitchen.

Hear me when I say this : this crudo, actually changed my life – NO joke! From the second I sampled a bite of this savory fish I fell head over heels in love with this dish. It’s SO SO fresh, and the combination of flavors are unbelievably satisfying. I also love that Seth chose this particular dish for its sustainability. Gotta LOVE that! I actually found myself asking for a second serving (I mean for a girl who twenty minutes prior had never given raw tuna a chance, I think that says a whole heck of a lot!). This dish reinforced that valuable life lesson for me that being opposed to something, or turning it away just because you don’t have experience with it, is a damn shame. Experiment, try, give things a chance. You might just be pleasantly surprised! Bon appetit friends!

Washington Albacore Crudo w/ Kumquat, Fresno chile and Mint

1/2 pound Albacore fillet, thinly sliced

Alderwood smoked sea salt

Fresh pepper, freshly cracked

1/2 lemon, juiced (preferably Meyer lemon)

4 Kumquats sliced paper thin

2 pinches fine sugar

1 Fresno Chile diced seeds removed

2 TBS fresh mint chiffonde

Extra-virgin good quality olive oil


In a bowl sprinkle sugar over kumquat slices, stir and let stand at room temp for 15-30 minutes.  Divide the Albacore onto 4 cold  plates, arrange the fish so that it is fanned out . Sprinkle a small amount of smoked salt and fresh black pepper over the fish. Place sugared kumquat slices, chile and mint on and around the fish as desired. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on each plate. Drizzle the olive oil over the fish and serve immediately.

FF Collective : {photography : Monica Hines | food and recipe development : Seth Hines | styling and art direction : Jenn Elliott Blake | custom graphics & titles : Amy Moore




you are very adventurous with that dish indeed. though, it always makes it easier to try something new when the plate looks so beautiful. :)

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wow – what a gorgeous dish! looks delicious

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so pretty.

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