Emerald City Local : Ludlow Home.

•  16.October.2013

Living in Seattle has many perks. Great food, beautiful scenery and a whole plethora of amazing shops and small businesses bursting with personality and charm. I’m often asked to share my coveted spots with visitors traveling from near and far, so I figured there no better time to start showcasing some of the lovely boutiques, eateries and other gems that make Seattle the place I always return home to.

I mentioned just a couple of weeks back about a recent collaboration with Rick of Ludlow Home. Rick was kind enough to lend some of his beautiful pieces for this season’s Fortunate Feast dinner and every time I visit him in Phinney Ridge I fall more and more in love with his space. Rick has such a vibrant personality, his lighthearted storytelling always enticing me to hang in his shop for hours – it doesn’t hurt that every crevice and nook in Ludlow is also perfectly curated and styled in away that’s effortlessly intriguing. But what makes Rick and his space so special and I place that I always suggest a visit to, is his attention to not only the detail of his lovely finds, but his care and attention to his customers and clients. He makes you feel right at home.

I partnered with Dorothee of Belathee just last week to capture the essence of Ludlow and give a first hand glimpse of the space. I also asked Rick to answer some of my burning questions about his journey and shop so you could get even a deeper peek into what make’s Ludlow tick…

Tell us about how Ludlow came to fruition. How long have you been in home design?

I have always loved designing my own homes and curating a collection of fabulous finds. My favorite is to mix classic pieces, modern and heritage items to a create a look brimming with patina and history. So, once I relocated from San Francisco to Bainbridge Island I saw an opportunity to bring my look and approach to the Northwest and started a pop up market on Bainbridge. Fast forward a few months after that and I was signing a lease on a gorgeous storefront in Phinney Ridge.

How would you describe your aesthetic/style?

My basic style is pretty masculine, but I like what I like with no real rules to follow. I adore transferware which can be very feminine to cracked and crusty leather chairs. Toile can excite me as much as using men’s suiting for home accessories.

Phinney Ridge is such a darling neighborhood in Seattle. Besides its charm, why did you decide to open shop there?

This is my neighborhood from my childhood! Like a swallow to Capistrano I returned to my much hipper roots and found a great home in a very cool neighborhood.

Ludlow is so much more than just a “vintage” shop. Tell us about what makes your shop unique from others in the area.

Ludlow is a lifestyle. Although you can find a great deal of curated heritage pieces, you can also find custom furniture, textiles, art and fully stocked larder with many items available just at Ludlow. I love to entertain and will help my client’s in any way that I can to be a better host.

What is your favorite aspect of being a small business owner?

I love my clients. It is really a treat to get to know each and every client and hear what excites them in creating their own homes and environments.

What would you say to someone considering following their own passions or even opening their own retail space one day?

Always follow your passion, work hard, read the signposts and let go of expectations.

Any exciting projects coming up?

I’m very much looking forward to my first Holiday Season at Ludlow.

What’s your favorite home decor tip? Anything you’ve learned along the way that you might be willing to share?

Home design should be an authentic expression of the people who reside in a home. Take risks and show the world what resonates with you and your taste without regard to how you think others may perceive your taste. Mix patterns, eras, materials or whatever suits you and your mood. Move pieces in and out often to freshen things up. Also, never buy inexpensive bedding, you deserve the best.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful space Rick. And thank you to lovely Dorothee of Belathee for the amazing capture! Adore you both immensely!

Ludlow Home : 7315 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle WA 98103. Hours : Wed – Sun 11AM – 630PM

photography credit : belathee photography



wow that is 100% my style! I love it all… it really reminds me of a store in my neighborhood called Smith & Chang:


(except they are thousands of miles apart!)

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such a lovely and unique spot! I love places that my man will enjoy browsing through as much as me, and this definitely hits the mark :) I’ll try to check it out next time I’m up there!

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Gosh, this shop is just fantastic! I wish I’d known about it last time I was in Seattle. I could’ve spent hours.

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