After fighting off wicked jet-lag & working a few days in a bitter cold industrial studio space last week, I’ve spent the better part of this past weekend, and the last few days sick as a dog on the couch. Minus a quick trip to get a tree on Sunday and a brunch with close friends, I’ve been laid out with little, to no energy, and a nagging sore throat and ugly cough. It’s that time of year, where those lingering low temperatures outside, the stress of keeping everything merry, and the revolving transfer of icky germs threaten to inevitably knock us off our feet for at least a day or two (or three!) this holiday season.

While I’m excited to hopefully get back to work, to blogging & to regain some much-needed brain power and stamina ASAP, I’m coveting some much-needed tools mixed with a lot of sleep that will hopefully kick this latest illness to the curb quicker than I can say vapor rub.

What are your favorite cold & flu remedies? I could use all the help I can get!

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Sage tea ( i use Alvita brand) three times a day. Garlic Stock! 1000 mg vit c three times daily–unless you have kidney disease then DO NOT DO.

It is important not to let the sage tea get too cool, it does other things to what you want to correct then..

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Elderberry syrup! It’s tasty and proven to decrease the length of the flu by 2-3 days but is great for overall immunity too. It’s expensive and very simple to make so I make my own:

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