Currently Coveting : Coachella.

•  11.April.2013

For years I’ve suppressed the inner ‘bohemian hippie goddess’ within me that has secretly been dying to attend Coachella. Last night while we brushed teeth and got ready for bed, I lazily swung my (way too long, need a haircut, hasn’t been combed in 3 days) hair from side to side in percussion to imaginary indie rock beats, my hands raised expressing the signs of peace, and proclaimed my desire to wear fringed shorts, a large brimmed hat and moccasins to Coachella someday. Adam’s only response? “What’s that.”

Good grief. I guess I’ll be daydreaming of flower child head crowns, celebrity sightings & 90 degree temperatures alone this weekend.

bagtop | sunglasses | shoes | sunscreen| | watchshorts | blanket | hat | necklace |




Haha, you’re definitely not alone! I share that same feeling. I have been craaaaving to get away to a place like Coachella. I’ve even noticed my style slowly shifting towards a bohemian look lately. lol, I love it.

There’s just something magical… and freeing about it. Don’t you think?

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I’m embarrassed to say I don’t what Coachella is either!!

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Ohh I would die for a chance to go to Coachelle! Instead, I find myself at Sasquatch which works for now :)

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