Coastal Walk in Sydney.

•  09.January.2013

The first of many posts from our recent trip to Australia. This day was one of the most memorable by far. We started the morning at Bondi Beach, lounging on the sand, allowing our pasty white PNW skin to absorb the suns glistening rays. We then switched gears, tied on running shoes and hiked along the coast line from Bondi to Coogee Bay. If you ever get a chance to visit Sydney this little clifftop trail is a MUST see. The water views are like nothing I’ve ever seen before…so much beauty that Australia has. Such a surreal day.




ah, SO pretty! I’m craving a day at the beach right now. with SUNLIGHT! looks like it was an amazing trip…can’t wait to see more pics! :)

ps…good luck today!!

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I just love the way you’ve captured it! I try and start off a weekend morning doing this walk. There is nothing more invigorating than gazing out at the ocean as you stroll along the cliffsides of the amazing coastline!

I am so lucky to be living in a wonderful city!

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