Kinfolk Issue V. Part Two.

•  12.October.2012


Last week I shared some initial images from this fall camping PNW shoot with We Are The Rhoads for Kinfolk in this post and am thrilled to be sharing the second half of the images, as well as a video by Joel Clare today. As I mentioned before, this shoot was such a joy to be a part of and I hope to get the chance to collaborate with this amazing team again really soon!

I hope you enjoy the pics and video! Happy Weekend Friends!

Credits: Photography {Sarah & Chris Rhoads of We Are The Rhoads} Videography {Joel Clare} Wardrobe and Prop Styling {LIsa Moir} Props and Prop Styling Assistant {Jenn Elliott Blake, Scout.} Food Styling {Jenice Lee} Talent {Shara Lou, Michael Giroux, James & Katherine Moes}


When I first saw the email in my inbox my heart literally skipped a beat. Jasmine Star is one of those people in the wedding industry whom I not only greatly admire but have always wondered what might happen if we ever got the chance to collaborate. Her email stated that she would be visiting Seattle for a brief respite (she lives in Orange County, CA with her adorable hubby JD and her even more adorable pup Polo), and that she was interested in collaborating together on a styled shoot during her time here. In a little less than 4 weeks time from her initial email, we were on set working creative magic, having loads of fun and soaking in the enjoyment of interacting with a fantastic team of creatives. I couldn’t be prouder of the end result of this shoot…SUCH a positive experience and the images turned out just as I had imagined them! YAY!

When I initially began designing this shoot (I shared my inspiration board a while back here), I knew that I wanted it to reflect an organic vibe and incorporate vintage details in a sophisticated, clean and polished way. I really wanted the shoot to reflect that homegrown, sustainable nature of the PNW, and wanted to inspire brides and grooms to create events that are not only beautiful, but are also environmentally conscious as well. As mentioned in a previous post, the dress (shipped from the UK and designed by artist Martha Webb – isn’t it crazy stunning!! The hand stitched detailing on the bodice left me in total awe) was one of the first inspiration pieces I found and I built the design around it. I loved the idea of keeping the overall colors of the design muted & neutral, while adding a couple pops of color with the burnt orange dip-dyed dress, as well as a deep mustard color to juxtapose the greenery and natural tones.

Through the use of cork (one of the most sustainable products on the planet) I created flower vases for centerpieces, intertwining tapered candles (held up by cork balls I sourced from Canada and then drilled holes into) and vintage amber-colored glass across the center of the tabletop. A hand-quilted table linen was created using cut pieces of vintage fabric and the expert sewing skills of my dear friend Andie Powers of Assemble. I envisioned the linen could be turned into a quilt for the couple’s home after their wedding day celebration again focusing on re-using and re-purposing items after a wedding day. I also really wanted to incorporate plants and herbs that could be replanted and loved long after the celebration was over vs. the more traditional cut stems that wilt quite quickly.

I really wanted to mix up the traditional place setting, using a cutting board as the dinner plate (inspired by my charcuterie experiences in Paris) and by using wood utensils in place of a more traditional place card. A hanging installation over the table was a must, and I’ve just been dying to incorporate macrame into one of my designs. With a BIG help from Mckenzie & her lovely hubby James, we were able to hang the installation the night before the shoot to save time and make sure it was just right…it is definitely my favorite aspect of the design. Mckenzie killed it on the florals….JUST STUNNING! Vintage pieces from my SCOUT. Vintage collection (the bamboo chair, dessert table containers & vases etc.) added that comfortable touch of character that I felt imperative to the design. One of my new treasured traveling companions is my Instax camera and I thought it would be the perfect replacement for the popular photobooth. Oh and that image of Amber sitting on the bamboo chair??? Va-va-voom! So in love! Speaking of Amber, she and James did a phenomenal job and were such a joy to work with. Their beauty definitely became the cherry on top of the design. Thank you both for your genuine smiles, laughter and hard work!

You learn pretty quickly in this industry that surrounding yourself with talented folks is pretty IMPERATIVE – you cannot do it all AND two (or more!) brains are FAR better than one. I think the thing I love the most about what I do, is reflected in those days when I’m amongst people who really ‘get it’ – who want to create something original & inspiring no matter the effort that goes into making it happen AND who are also nice, humble and generous with their time and talents. I had the greatest pleasure of working with a DREAM TEAM on this particular shoot (Mckenzie Powell did all of the floral designs – her interpretation of the vision was SPOT ON…I’m telling you this girl is one of the best in the biz! ; Sally Balt of La Happy did an impeccable job with all of the paper details, her calligraphy is my absolute favorite, with her white handwriting looking so pretty against those wood and craft paper pieces ; the UBER talented Erin Skipley did hair & makeup and I couldn’t believe with what ease she adjusted Amber’s hair & makeup for the various shots…she’s so so good! SUCH an honor to work with her! ; I really wanted to forgo a traditional wedding cake and was over the moon excited that Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes (a brand new dessert spot in Seattle) was generous enough to contribute her organic molten chocolate cakes & toppings as the dessert bar & favors. It didn’t hurt that we got to munch on all her goodies during the day…YUM! ;  Cast Iron Studios was the PERFECT spot for this industrial + sustainable styled shoot – their brand new location in Bellevue was a dream to work in and a special thank you to Dave for being ever accommodating of the long hours it took to produce the shoot.

For more images and details of this organic PNW shoot, check out Jasmine’s blog and the feature over on Style Me Pretty today!

**Also, an extra special thank you to my Mom who with her hippie-like precision helped me whip up those macrame plant holders and cork vases in a flash. Your creative talents and craftsmanship continually astound me Mom…thank you for your support! I love you!


concept, design + styling : jenn elliott blake | photographer : jasmine star photography | floral designer : mckenzie powell | paper details : sally balt of la happy | hair + makeup : erin skipley | wedding dress : martha webb | vintage rentals: scout vintage rental co. | custom sewing of table linen : andie powers of assemble | desserts : autumn martin of hot cakes | venue : cast iron studios | talent : Amber Anderson of SMG Models & James Powell


Recent Work : Sneak Peek.

•  10.October.2012

I can’t even put into words how excited and honored I am to share this shoot on the blog tomorrow. Every aspect of this shoot was created with great intention and the team I had the pleasure of working with on this collaboration was a complete dream team. I will forever remember this particular day, as it has been one of my proudest thus far as an event stylist & designer.

More to come tomorrow! Also, check out more of the shoot tomorrow over on Style Me Pretty too!

photo cred : {jasmine star photography}


Where In The World : Paris, France.

•  08.October.2012

photo cred : {jenn elliott blake}


Kinfolk Issue V. Part One.

•  05.October.2012

There are those days in your life when you realize that you are doing exactly what you were meant to do. And as much as I wish that happened everyday all day, it doesn’t BUT when it does happen you feel it in your deepest core. On this particular day, every part of me just simply felt happy. Happy to be in the presence of so many amazingly talented creatives; happy to be immersed in the beauty of the PNW; happy to be a part of a publication that inspires me like crazy and just simply happy to be doing what I love.

A few months back this shoot came to fruition thanks to an inspiring group of folks who I feel so fortunate to have spent the day alongside. It was such an honor to be a part of this Kinfolk Magazine shoot. Being on set for the day, providing props from my collection and assisting with prop styling made me realize even more that it’s where I feel most alive and happy. It didn’t hurt that the images turned out beyond stunning. Thanks to everyone for being such a joy to work with, and thank you to Sarah & Chris for bringing me on board on this one!

Stay tuned for Part Two of the fabulous images from the day + the video too!

Credits: Photography {Sarah & Chris Rhoads of We Are The Rhoads} Videography {Joel Clare} Wardrobe and Prop Styling {LIsa Moir} Props and Prop Styling Assistant {Jenn Elliott Blake, Scout.} Food Styling {Jenice Lee} Talent {Shara Lou, Michael Giroux, James & Katherine Moes}



Kinfolk in Autumn.

•  02.October.2012

I can’t believe it’s already October, can you?! The leaves are changing to those beautiful yellow, red and orange shades, those pumpkin spice lattes have returned, and lucky for us Seattleites the weather is holding out for a wee bit longer…hallelujah!

I’ve been so excited for this particular season to come as I’ve been waiting on a particular issue of Kinfolk Magazineto arrive on my door step for sometime now. So when I got home late Saturday night from my last trip away, I couldn’t help but frantically rip open the cardboard surrounding this beautiful issue.

Awhile back I had the pleasure of collaborating on a photo essay with Sarah and Chris of We Are The Rhoads, as well as some other AMAZING creatives, and I am over the moon excited that the issue is finally here.

I’ll be sharing some of the pictures Sarah and Chris took during the shoot later this week, but for now, wanted to give you a quick peek into the beauty of this issue before I head out of town again today. I hope you enjoy.


Guest Post | Megan

•  06.September.2012

The end of summer never fails to be bitter sweet. The days begin to end sooner, the nights start to become crisper, and the rain happens to come more often. We begin to say goodbye to the afternoon sails, the warm nights under the stars, and the chirping of crickets and tree frogs in the evenings. Growing up in an area that revolved around the cycle of seasons always brought such peace, but none of those transitions of seasons feels better than the slow and beautiful end of Summer.

It is this time of year that hangs in the air with such excitement to me. Around here, the streets are quieter again, the best produce finally ripens, new projects are being planned, and there is almost hushed sense of passion for the time in which we have left ourselves in this last month before fall. The best part, it all seems, is in the ease of finding your favorite spots all of a sudden vacant and serene again. The tourists have left, cottages have been closed, and it is once again us locals who are roaming the beaches. The weather is perfect, the water is warm, and the sun still is giving us her best. It is this time of year that I wait for and look forward to.

Every season has its beauty, but it is always the times between each that I find most inspiring. It is in the expectation of change that I find excitement. Whether it be the first snow, the first turn of leaves, the first day on the sailboat, or the first tulip to peak above the snow, each brings the hope of change, and the opportunity to begin anew all over again.

The summer is no different. It has been perfect in every way, a lot has been learned, and new dreams have been made. Though I look back now and believe no where near enough time was spent by Lake Michigan, I know that every moment I have to walk this shoreline is precious. It has taught me to take advantage of the simplest things and to enjoy less. There is nothing more valuable than the quiet time alone on the beach, listening to the waves, and talking with my favorite person, my husband. This to me was the perfect evening to close out Summer and in every way.

So let’s cheers to Summer’s End and hope that fall brings even more adventure, more joy, and more inspiration than Summer ever did. I feel it is going to be a good one.

photo cred : {the fresh exchange}


simple scout.

•  28.August.2012

A while back while I was pulling inventory for a Kinfolk shoot, I took a bit of time to snap some super simple images of my SCOUT. inventory. I love images where negative space is used intentionally, actually enhancing the beauty of an image (think Max Wanger). Some of my favorite little shops and boutiques organize their items in the simplest ways, and I love doing the same with my own scout goods – all the knives with the knives, all the enamel with the enamel, all the purple, brown & clear glass lined up next to their matching buddies. There is something extra special about creating with the simplest of things, and Joy’s remark that the stylist’s role is to “stripe it down and only leave what’s necessary” has been on the forefront of my mind this week.

photo cred : {jenn elliott blake}


I’ve been home for less than 24 hours and am already missing my time at Serenbe so much. Joy’s workshop was such a wonderful experience and one of the things I will remember most about it is the amazing women I had the opportunity to meet and share time with. Our dinner in the woods the last night of the workshop is something I will remember and cherish for many years to come and it reminded me how important it is to take time to enjoy the beauty of friendship and the quiet serenity of nature.

photo cred : {jenn elliott blake}


georgia peach.

•  20.August.2012

Last April I decided to make a 30 by 30 list ( i.e. my bucket list of things to do before I turn 30 next year ) and number 6 on my list was to visit a southern state. I’ve never been to the south before, so when I realized Joy’s workshop would be in Georgia this month I was SO SO excited. Just the thought of visiting an area of the country I’d never seen before got the travel fiend in me giddy with anticipation.

I’ll be spending the next three days, making new friends, soaking in the atmosphere of a stunning place, eating great farm-to-table food (The Hil last night was UNBELIEVABLE!) and learning from one of the best stylist’s in the biz. The second the shuttle turned into Serenbe yesterday afternoon, I instantly fell in love with this place (if I could handle the heat I’d be begging Adam to move here in a heartbeat!!). The word serene doesn’t even come close to cutting it to define this place…it’s THAT incredible. I’m so excited to see what’s in store during the workshop, as I can only imagine in a place as beautiful as this that creative/awe-inspiring things are aplenty.

P.S. The peaches in Georgia really are out of this world!!! I’m usually am not a huge fan of fresh peaches, but the ones available to us at last night’s meet and greet were crazy good!

photo cred : {i nabbed a pic of this art work near the walkway in serenbe yesterday}