photo cred : blazer {topshop} bag {mulberry} shoes {chloe}


pic me a palette : puppy love.

•  11.May.2012

I’m definitely gonna miss my pup while I’m away. I left yesterday clinging to each precious last moment with her wishing I could pack her along in my overfilled bag. Bailie-Bug is 8 years old and has therefore seen me through a whole heck of a lot : my 1st bachelors degree, my second one, nursing school, break-ups, break-downs, my wedding day, big moves, little triumphs, bad hair days, great wardrobe days, lay-offs, take-offs… You name it – this dog has seen it.

What is it about our pets that just makes us feel so taken care of? There is something about knowing that no matter what kind of day I’ve had, she will always be there waiting for me, with that perfectly content wiggle to her stumpy tail.

What about you? Do you have a furry creature in your life that makes the day worth living?

photo cred : {cynthia smith for vogue}



•  09.May.2012

I am beyond giddy with excitement today. After weeks and weeks of design meetings with my wicked talented buddy Amy, dreaming up the above design mood board, and some coding awesomeness from Bre, my new blog is finally here! I’m so so excited to have a blog that really makes me feel like I can share anything and everything that inspires me.

I’ve wanted for a really long time to have the name of my blog reflect the intention of the scout. brand, as it is a direct reflection of what I’ve spent the past year and half working on : “searching for something in various places” . Searching for that thing that really makes me feel alive. Searching for a career where I’m deeply & honestly proud of what I do and one with which I jump from bed every morning to engage in. I think I’m well on my way to that place (hallelujah!) and this blog feels like the perfect way to continue on the path to getting there.

I hope you’ll follow me along on the new blog as I share all my inspirations, fascinations, life happenings & styling/design/rental adventures. Don’t forget to subscribe through RSS for updates (up in the top navigation bar).

Oh and Europe travels are right around the corner! EEEK! Expect some pretty picture updates over the next month & a half! Happy Wednesday friends!