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while i’m away . . .

•  03.September.2012

I have some REALLY exciting news! While I’m away in Europe this week getting my wedding on in Dublin, you’re gonna be in GREAT hands! Some of my best blogging buddies will be swinging by the blog to share some “end of summer” inspiration. I’m SO SO excited to have these lovely ladies gracing the blog this week and I know you will enjoy everything they have to share.

Just a bit about these ladies before I leave you in their creative hands :

Jenny of Hank & Hunt is in my opinion the DIY queen! She is constantly coming up with the most adorable DIY projects and is frequently featured over on Oh Happy Day. Every time I see one of her DIY posts I’m inspired to throw a dinner party in a hurry! Jenny is located in Seattle (yay!) and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her at some local blogging meetups. I LOVE her friendly demeanor and as a mom of two little ones this lady does it all!

Sweet Maggie of Maggie Rose Interiors is an interior designer here in Seattle. Over the past year Maggie and I have had many heart to hearts about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and she is always someone I can count on as a listening ear. She offers a plethora of interior inspiration on her blog and her design boards have me willing her over to my house to tidy things up a bit!

Colleen in one word? Adorable! This sweet lady is the mastermind behind Inspired To Share and I had the pleasure of meeting her earlier this year at ALT. Colleen and I have monthly skype dates and she inspires me to work harder, reach further and continue following my heart and my dreams as a stylist. She often blogs more than once a day (total ROCKSTAR!) and each blog post is so well thought out, intentional & creative…she’s amazing!

Megan is the fabulous talent behind The Fresh ExchangeHitch Print Shop & Blog Brunch (I know…this woman masters everything!). She offers an endless array of inspiration on her blog and is one of the sweetest people I’ve had the good fortune of meeting. She and I met via twitter nearly 2 years ago and had the chance to become fast friends during ALT in January. I adore her to pieces and am thrilled to have her on the blog this week!

Rebecca of A Daily Something is my only guest blogger whom I haven’t had the chance of meeting in person BUT I feel like I KNOW her! Despite Rebecca living in NYC, we’ve been twitter, facebook & instagram buddies for quite sometime and Rebecca is one of those bloggers/stylists who inspires me most. I feel like if we ever get the chance to be in the same place at the same time we will be the best of buds. This decorated egg DIY on her blog made me fall all the more in love with her talents.

Thank you sweet ladies for taking good care of my blog while I’m gone! Big hugs to each of you!!! xoxo!

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new styling work.

•  24.August.2012

I’m so so excited to announce a recent project I collaborated on with the fabulous ladies of Blog Brunch and my dear friend Julie Harmsen. I styled the images for Blog Brunch’s new website and could not be happier with how amazing the site looks when all the pretty graphics, images and mission came together.

As I move down the path towards a career in creative direction & styling, opportunities like these are what feed my creative soul and collaborating with brands that I not only admire but value means that much more. It was SUCH a blast to be given creative liberty on this one and I’m SUPER excited to share more of the images from the shoot next week!

Happy weekend friends!

photo cred : {julie harmsen} styling cred : {jenn elliott blake}


fab find : a visit to the market.

•  24.July.2012

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Seattle has decided to say “ta ta” to the plastic bag. There is a new plastic bag ban that has taken effect in Seattle, prohibiting all retailers from providing their customers with one time use plastic bags. It’s actually something I’m super duper stoked about as Adam and I have been trying for YEARS to be more conscious about using eco friendly bags on our shopping trips. SO, now that we are being forced to do so, we kinda don’t have a choice but to remember to carry them in with us. Unfortunately, between the two of us we probably have the worst memories on the planet, so remembering is the biggest challenge of all!

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of people I’ve seen in the past week hand carrying all of their groceries in a bundle because they forgot to bring a bag (I laugh when I see it even if I shouldn’t…whoops!). So I thought instead of just giggling I’d help us Seattle folk out with a little roundup of fab sacs/totes/bags etc…perfect for your next shopping trip or afternoon at the market.

photo cred : vinyl shopper {zara} market bag {apolis} striped shopper {topman} transport tote {madewell} vintage bamboo tote {ebay} leather bag {leather bag} salad grocery bag {one and the same} adornment shopper {anthropologie}


I shared yesterday about how I had the pleasure of styling/designing a tabletop in this season’s summer/fall issue of Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom Magazine, so I’m SUPER excited to share some in depth details from the shoot on the blog today! When Laura Cassidy (editor-in-chief) first reached out to me about doing the shoot, I was really excited about her initial ideas for the concept and had a blast expanding on them to create the final product. I very much wanted the table to reflect a modern, crisp/clean, yet eclectic vibe (hence the vibrant pops of color against white & neutral tones) all the while throwing in some vintage touches to reflect the couple I imagined might have a bash reflective of the design. I imagined this to be a couple who first and foremost appreciates the celebration of love, friendship, community & food. This couple loves playing games into the wee hours of the night and would choose to do so under the twinkling lights overhead vs. having the more traditional dance party during their reception. They would drink wine, laugh until their bellies hurt and enjoy the simple pleasures of good company on their wedding day. Being foodies at heart they would opt for a yummy personal pie for each of their guests to enjoy, while nibbling on gourmet cheeses and charcuterie before the main course. The picnic basket would supply the couple and their guests with everything they would need for a communal setting (menu, extra napkins, wine, some bread for sharing) ensuring that the good conversation would never be interrupted by a buffet line and would lend to the “upscale & playful picnic” vibe of the evening.

The shoot would never have been the beauty or pleasure that it was without the AMAZING team of creatives that I had the good fortune of collaborating with. Teressa of Cashmere Floral Design was the visionary behind the final shade of blue that we chose for the table linen and her floral designs were absolutely breathtaking…those red poppies are stunning aren’t they?! Teressa has such a grand talent of seeing your vision in a “big picture” sort of way and complementing it in the most brilliant of ways. Thankfully she also SAVED me with regards to the lighting as I’d had my heart set on suspended caged edison bulbs for the shoot and she just so happened to have them in her very own collection – yay!!

The BEAUTIFUL and “oh SO yummy!” sour cherry pies were the talent of Chris, owner of A La Mode Pies here in Seattle – honestly if you haven’t made it to A La Mode yet…you are missing out! The tiny latticed personal pies were complete perfection and fit just perfectly on top of the wood pedestals I had custom made for each little pie & place setting. The larger pie in the center of the table of course available for those late into the night dessert cravings ;)

The letterpress details, including personal name tags at each setting (inspired by parisian market tags), a “dice dot” inspired menu and playing card table number were the contribution of the uber talented Tara of Ephemera Press. I’ve been dying for the opportunity to incorporate letterpress into one of my designs and Tara knocked the “game themed” paper suite outta the park. Such a joy working with her!!

The adorable napkins were borrowed from our dear friends at Skillet and the rest of the vintage props/decor including the milk glass vases, vintage game pieces and chairs are part of my SCOUT. collection. Last but certainly not least Dennis Wise, the talented guy behind the lens was such a pleasure to work with the day of the shoot – his studio space in Sodo is also INCREDIBLE by the way! He was also generous enough to provide the shots for this post…thank you Dennis!! And a BIG thank you to the team for helping make the vision happen!

Something extra special : In receiving the professional images from Dennis it was so fun to see a shot that captured a little “behind the scenes” action as I prepped the tabletop the morning of the shoot.

photo cred : {dennis wise}


I’m really REALLY excited to finally be sharing some details from this tabletop shoot I had the pleasure of designing for the current issue of Seattle Met Bride & Groom. With editorial stuff, the time from when the shoot actually takes place to when the magazine hits newstands can feel like FOREVER! So when you finally get your hands on a copy it literally takes your breath away.

Seeing my work in print is one of the greatest feelings I’ve had the honor of experiencing in my styling/design career and this shoot was definitely one of my proudest. If you’re out and about in Seattle don’t forget to nab yourself a copy and flip to page 94. More details to come tomorrow in Part Two, including my inspiration for the shoot, the lovely creatives whom I had the pleasure of collaborating with and a fun behind the scenes shot!



top | middle | bottom : july 4th.

•  04.July.2012

I have always loved the 4th of july. I love fireworks. And grillin’ burgers and brats. And the little flags that you can wave about. I love that my husband has the day off of work and that we can sleep in as late as we want. I just love holidays and the 4th is no exception.

We are looking forward to spending the afternoon of the 4th with some of our closest buddies on the beach here in Seattle, even ending the day of celebration with a bonfire and s’mores! Yum!!! What are your 4th of July plans?? Any biggies?? Happy 4th of July friends!!

photo cred : glasses {burberry} tee {madewell} flag pocket shorts {atrium via farfetch} flats {asos}


street style : Coli Elliott.

•  03.July.2012

One of the things I love most about my little sister Coli is her no-frills style and “I am who I am” attitude. From a very young age Coli had that ability to pull together an outfit in seconds that was not only daring, versatile & very “boho-chic” but left you wishing you had a closet only half as adorable as hers. Never-mind that the chick is a genius at the art of thrifting – I don’t think the girl has ever paid full price for anything – something which I greatly admire!

I took some shots of Coli during her last visit to Seattle and it just so happens that she was sporting an American flag pouch during our visit to Pike Place Market that she had thrifted in years past in Albuquerque, NM. I thought the look only fitting for this weeks 4th of July festivities!

photo cred: {jenn elliott blake}


her style feature.

•  21.June.2012

A couple weeks ago while I was in Paris, I received a tweet from the fabulous Jen Pinkston notifying me that my style post was up on her blog The Effortless Chic. Jen had sent me an email in months past, asking me to send along an outfit that I thought represented my style. Jen and I met during our time at ALT Summit last January, and let’s just say I was over the moon excited to be on Jen’s blog. She is an insanely talented stylist (her celebrity clients include Ellen DeGeneres for crying out loud!) and she is someone I greatly admire in the creative world. It was SUCH an honor to be on her blog and so much fun to rummage through my closet for some of my favorite bold & vintage pieces to include in the post.

All the photos were shot in Seattle by my dear friend Julie Harmsen. Thanks Jules! And thank you Jen for having me on your blog – what a thrill!

photo cred : {julie harmsen photography}


As our beach time in Italy & Greece comes to an end, I couldn’t help but wish that we could stay forever and just be lifetime beach bums. With my Seattle pasty white skin finally having a glistening “tanlike” glow to it, I wish I had a few more days to lay on the sand and relish in the gorgeous ocean views. The water in Greece was honestly like nothing I had ever seen before! The water was crystal clear and such a welcome alternative to rainy Seattle. Wouldn’t it be nice is vacations could last forever?

photo cred : hat {topshop} swimsuit {anthropologie} sandal {madewell}