Breaks are Good.

•  10.December.2012

Adam and I have been in Australia for a little over a week now and we have been having the best time. If you’ve followed my instagram feed at all you have surely seen how colorful and inspiring the cities of both Syndey and Melbourne are. Adam told me the other day while we were walking down Chapel Street here in Melbourne that he was worried my head might explode from all the inspiration and stimulation – his sarcastic comment a clear indicator I’ve been in complete heaven here. There is just so much to look at and so many things I want to share! The perfect summertime weather doesn’t hurt in feeding the inspiration as all the locals are out in their best street style and the open air seating along the streets are full of commotion.

Despite all the amazing things to see in Melbourne, it was nice to leave the city centre yesterday and make our way toward the Yarra Valley (about an hour outside where we are staying in the city) for a bit of wine tasting and a visit to the Healesville Sanctuary (we got so close to Kangaroos we could pet them!). The slow-paced day reminded me of the point of this trip which was to take a breath and sloooooow things down a bit. Breaks are so so important and this extended break in a country as beautiful as this feels like the biggest blessing. I’m so excited to share all of the fun we are having, but until then the blog will likely be a bit quiet this week as we continue taking in the beauty of this country down under, all the while letting home feel like a million miles away.


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Loved seeing all your instagram pics! Makes me look at my own country like a tourist. Glad you had a good time Down Under! x

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