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•  29.March.2013

I realized the other day that I rarely share which blogs I hold most near and dear to my heart. Those blogs that always inspire me, no matter the time of day, week, or month that I go for a visit. Those blogs that push me to continue working hard & encourage me to creatively seek that next adventure.

Of all the blogs I love most, the food blogs are those ones that I stare at for HOURS AND HOURS on end. Great images of food probably stack up right against great tasting food in my opinion, and those blogs that continually have amazing photography to go along with their recipes are so so inspiring.

I thought I’d share my top 5 favorite food blogs with ya’ll today. I’m sure you’ve heard of many of them, if not make sure to add them to your reader. BUT you’ve been warned : you’ll become endlessly lost in them all the while your stomach growls a ferocious growl.

Cannelle et Vanille - always has the most IMPECCABLE and mouth-watering food pictures around. If you’ve ever visited Pinterest even once, I guarantee you’ve come across Aran’s amazing food photos…they are that good. Every last recipe is so extremely enticing, and the beauty with which she shares her love for food is incredibly inspiring. Aran actually just moved to Seattle recently, so I’m excited to see how her food styling & recipe development changes/evolves in relation to the change of scenery and the beauty of the PNW.

Roost - any blog that has amazing photos AND stunning videos is a winner in my book. This blog is absolutely breathtaking. I honestly can say I love every last post on this gorgeous site and after a couple of years of following along its one that I keep coming back to time and time again. I love that Caitlin’s goal is to focus on the simplicity of life all the while sharing her perspectives in the most tantalizing manner. She also has all of her recipes organized by season which I have found really helpful in knowing what to be inspired by and when. This raspberry almond cake is next on my list to conquer.

Forty-Sixth at Grace - there probably isn’t enough time in the world to explain why I love this blog so. I’m sure you’ve also noted that this is not the first time I’ve mentioned the lovely work of Nikole Herriott on my blog. I’ve been a BIG fan of her shop Herriott Grace for a very long while and am consistently blown away by the beauty and wonder behind the food styling & images on Nikole’s gorgeous blog as well as her work in Kinfolk. Based out of Toronto Canada every last post on this lovely blog has me wishing for a simpler, more focused lifestyle. She also shares the most stunning travel pictures which made me a fan of her work immediately.

Manger - everything about this blog makes me smile. I’m pretty sure one of the reasons I love it most is because the life that Mimi leads is one I dream of someday. Living in the countryside of France, focusing on the important measures in life : family, simple beauty and of course good food. Mimi’s recipes and images are always so mouth-watering, and the simplicity with which she engages the reader is something I cling to. I love that every time I visit her blog I’m immediately taken back to that country I love so.

Love and Lemons - I think what I love most about Jeanine’s blog is how approachable her recipes are. I tend to feel lost in the kitchen but her recipes immediately make me feel like I can accomplish any food challenge and live a healthy life in relation to what’s stocked in our pantry. Her recipes have a large focus on healthy eating (which I love!) and even her most health conscious recipes still look (and taste!) divine. I had the good fortune of meeting Jeanine at Alt Summit this past January and her kindness in our interaction made me even more keen on all that she shares on her beautiful blog.

I hope you find inspiration in these blogs as much as I have. If you’ve got any amazing food blogs that you find yourself scrolling for hours on end I’d love to hear! I’m a sucker for great food.

Happy weekend friends! And a very happy holiday too! Adam and I are flying to Colorado this afternoon to spend Easter with our families and we are so excited. I’m sure I’ll have a few pictures to share from our adventures next week!

photography credit : {cannelle et vanille} {Roost} {forty-sixth at grace} {manger} {love and lemons}




How have I never seen Roost?! Thanks for sharing! I am totally making that raspberry cake for Easter. Love that it’s paleo-friendly!! I might add some orange or lemon zest to spruce it up a bit too :)

Hope you have a great weekend my dear!

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Seriously, all favorites of mine…

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Um, so flattered to be included in THIS list… xoxo

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Beautiful blogs – love ‘em! Some of my favorites are Weekly Greens, Local Milk, and SeaSaltWithFood.

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Yay. I’ve added all of these (the ones I wasn’t already reading) to my feed. xo


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