Bastille Marche.

•  06.November.2012

Sunday before last I spent my morning strolling solo through the local farmers market in Bastille. A lot of people ask me if I ever get lonely while traveling alone and although I wish my husband could be with me every step of the way, I rarely find myself answering “yes” to that question. In Europe in particular, I typically gravitate towards those opportunities to immerse myself amongst the busy, adrenaline-rushing areas of the cities I visit. In Paris the neighborhood farmers markets are those perfect places to feel anything but alone.

Bastille in my opinion is by far the best food market in all of Paris on the weekends. Every time I visit I’m reminded of why I love these markets so so much. The smells, the sounds, the hustle & congestion through the rows of stalls keeps me absolutely transfixed every time I’m there. I always wonder why I don’t try a heck of a lot harder when it comes to using recipes to create those good ol’ fashioned home cooked meals when there is so much stunning produce & variety available right at my fingertips. It’s hard not to crave every last item you see in these gorgeous marketplaces – each item placed so strategically and beautifully in rows & teetering stacks that could be described as anything but barren. The stylist in me absolutely swoons at the sight of each uniquely crafted stall and that chalkboard signage gets me every time.

I find myself time and time again, inching closer to the local patrons while I’m strolling these markets. I watch and listen as they effortlessly gather up their collection of goods, daydreaming about what their bundle of produce, meat and bread will turn into when they return to their flats to cook up their treasures. I love that hurried, yet intentional and graceful exchange of┬áproduce and euro between patron and vendor, a transaction that happens with such elegance and familiarity that it seems as if these people were born to experience the beauty of these markets.

Although I’m fortunate enough to live in a city back home where local farmers markets are alive and thriving, there is just something extra special about the ones in Paris. Maybe it’s that I struggle to recall the french language which seems to heighten the beauty of the experience, or that I simply thrive on that feeling like I’m living amongst the locals – engaging in that simple pleasure of fueling self and soul. I never find it challenging to find those most simple beauties in Paris, and the markets certainly capture that quintessential essence of Parisian living.

photo cred : {jenn elliott blake via VSCO}




Such beautiful photos! They definitely make me inspired to use fresh and in season produce more! And to see Paris…

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Hi Aileen! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! So glad to hear my travel adventures could be an inspiration to you! I LOVE that!

These are so beautiful I cannot even imagine being there!

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Seriously, Jenn…these are AMAZING. You should have your own book.

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These photos of Paris are making me crazy! So lovely.


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Yay! So happy to hear that! Thanks for stopping by SCOUT :)


I could weep these photos make me miss Paris so much! You’ve presented them so beautifully too. I would LOVE to know how you did the photoshopping where your text is ‘see through’ to the image like that. It’s gorgeous. x

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