Amoungst The Gum Trees.

•  22.January.2013

These images were captured by my dear friend Caroline during our trip to Australia last month. Adam and I had just driven along the Great Ocean Road and made our way back towards Melbourne and into the Macedon mountain range. Caroline and her dear husband Jayden were kind enough to allow us to stay with them for a few days to experience another side of Australia. On this particular afternoon Jayden took us to his favorite viewpoint near his childhood home, and we relished in the beauty of Australia as far as the eye could see.

As we leisurely strolled towards the top of the hill, Caroline persuaded me off the path and snapped a few pictures of me amongst the gum trees. Although I cringed in the immediate moment (I get all weird and uncomfortable when I know my photo is being taken!), I couldn’t be happier that she did as the trees were absolutely one of my fondest memories of this enchanted country. I couldn’t get enough of them! I swear out of all of the pictures I took on our two-week adventure in Oz, trees by far were at the tippy top of the “waaaaayyyyy too many photos” list. There was just something so timeless and romantic about them – I couldn’t stop staring in awe at their beauty. The crooks and turns of their trunks and branches; the infectious smell of eucalyptus that lingered in our hair long after we’d left; the demanding silence they cast on the forest floor. This afternoon was so so special to me as it will always remind me of not only how captivating our trip was, but how on this afternoon we made new friends with Caroline & Jayden nearly 8,185 miles from home. Thank you for the images Caroline! Miss you!

Stay tuned for Part One of our trip to Australia coming later this week! For now, I’m off to Salt Lake City & snow, snow, snow for Alt Summit! I can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones during this week-long design conference. I’m sure I’ll be sharing a plethora of images from my adventures in SLC on instagram.

photo credit : {Woodnote Photography}




Girl! Those pictures are great. Awesome way to remember your favorites from a vacation.

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Simply gorgeous.

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beautiful photos! so ethereal.

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