30 by 30.

•  20.April.2012

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday and I’m just a wee bit freaked about it. 30 is absolutely looming and my 20′s are absolutely almost over. In reflecting on what my 30′s might have in store and all the things I’ve done/accomplished in my 20′s, I thought it would be a fun idea to spend my year as a 29 year old crossing some things off my “gotta do that list”. So I created a “30 by 30″ checklist to try to light the fire under my rear to accomplish some things I’d really like to achieve before the big 3 – 0. I plan to keep you all updated (and me accountable) from time to time, by crossing things off the list as I go.

We are packing the car up at the moment for a surprise birthday weekend away (I have no clue where Adam is taking me but I’m pretty sure there is a ferry boat involved!) so I’m happy to say I’m already working on crossing #19 off the list.

Here’s to year 29! Happy Friday friends!

1 Take a ferry boat ride to Victoria with my Mom.

2 Read a book. Actually finish it.

3 Reach out to someone whom I’m scared to.

4 Get a new tattoo.

5 Take French language refresher course

6 Visit a southern state. I’ve never been to any of them!

7 Refurbish/Renovate a vintage piece all on my own.

8 Call/skype with my family more.

9 Incorporate more floral design into what I do.

10 Have an exercise routine and stick with it.

11 Drink more water. If you know me this is a big goal.

12 Hug my dog everyday.

13 Hug my husband twice a day (at least!).

14 Dance daily.

15 Spend more time with friends.

16 Relish in the beauty of a home cooked meal and make them more often.

17 Print, frame & hang travel pictures from the past 3 yrs.

18 Stop or be less afraid of the unknowns.

19 Take more spontaneous trips with Adam.

20 Smile even when I’m sad.

21 Spend at least a week in the city of lights.

22 Go to at least 3 concerts.

23 Find a work/life balance.

24 See Australia.

25 Give more self love.

26 Learn how to knit a hat.

27 Take a scouting trip out of state.

28 Make Sunday morning breakfast a tradition.

29 Take more pictures that don’t include the use of my iPhone.

30 Shop organic.

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Happy Birthday! So happy to have found your blog. I LOVE what you do. It’s all just great and amazing! You’re funny and talented. Take that from someone quite out of their 20′s. “) Have a great weekend. You deserve it.

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